10 Commandment Remix

So, after spending the last 10 days blogging through the 10 commandments I think we might be ready to draw some conclusions that can make a difference in our everyday life. In my own words…   the 10 commands are:

1) Make God the CENTER of life.

2) Make God FIRST in life.

3) Respect God’s name and reputation.

4) Take a day off each week and spend it on God.

5) Think generationally: honor the positive contributions of previous generations and work to make positive contributions for the next generation

6) Don’t murder. More specifically, resist letting anger and ill will gain a foothold in our hearts and lives.

7) Don’t commit adultery. More specifically, resist temptation to over-step good healthy boundaries.

8) Don’t steal. More specifically, be content with what we have.

9) Don’t covet. More specifically, resist the false promise that “the grass is greener” elsewhere.

10) Don’t bear false witness. More specifically, safeguard truth-telling because the world as we know it depends on it.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how Jesus remixed the 10 commands!