Today is Community Day here in Barnegat!

Everyone will come together to celebrate those who serve by keeping us safe: police, firefighters, and first-aid. Everyone will come together and eat good food… make new friends… and check out the fun and games.

It is one of the most positive features of humanity… that we recognize the value of community. All of us contribute our gifts and talents and all of us benefit from the strong bonds we make and keep.

In this day and age, most people forget that the church was meant to be a community as well. It was never designed for ‘an hour a week’ or ‘tossing a couple bucks in the offering plate’. Throughout the early history of the church people recognized and valued being part of the community of faith… each person, each family, was encouraged and supported, kept safe and expected to contribute, made new friends and were called upon to be friends to others.

It was a life choice, life-style, and a source of both security and pride. It’s one of the main reasons Christianity went from a ragtag group of less than 100 people at the beginning… to one of the most expansive and influential religions in the world… from Acts 16(verse 5):

the churches were strengthened in the faith and increased in numbers daily

These days most Christian churches are in decline… part of the reason is that many have forgotten the essence of community: a life-style of living, working, building and celebrating together… serving with our gifts and talents… and building strong bonds of friendship that last a lifetime!

See you in the community!