Slick Salespeople

Everyone has met one of those slick salespeople.

You know the one’s I mean… they are so friendly and pleasant, kind and considerate… they care about you and your best interests. Yeah right.

My wife and I went to one of those time-share presentations while we were vacationing in Florida a few years ago. The woman who ‘assisted’ us was as nice as can be. When I said we loved Disney World (this was NOT a Disney time share)… she launched into her fun family stories of days spent at Disney World. When I said I was a pastor… she told us how she loved church and saw every day as an opportunity to serve God. When I said we had only a modest amount of money… she gently reassured us that we would be able to ‘realize’ our time-share dreams. This was how it went until… we said no, we weren’t going to buy.

Immediately, she made us feel like we were wasting her time, making a mistake, and she even went so far as to criticize our financial choices. I was disgusted. But, we all know how that goes… many people and places are ruled by the ‘almighty dollar’. We know the phrase ‘slick salespeople’. Many people and places will sell their soul, fake a personality, and lie to your face to ‘gain a buck’. It was no different in the days of the early church. In Acts 16 Paul had just neutralized the prophetic power of a slave girl. Her owners were miffed because her ‘fortune-telling’ brought them income:

But when her owners saw that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace before the authorities.

Not a care for the positive message Paul and Silas were bringing. Not a respect for the good works they had done. Not even a curiosity about who God is or what God could do. The almighty dollar was their only vision. As maddening as that is… its also kinda sad. Everyone lost.

Most of us are either on the path to being ‘slick’ worshippers of the almighty dollar, or on the path to being ‘dragged away’ by them. Which path are you on?