Life is Important

Life is important

But… a well-lived life is priceless.

Many people get the first phrase… and think they’ve got the whole truth, only to be disappointed. Their phrase is, “it’s my life”… and they use it to chase down every whim and fancy. But, with every whim and fancy comes at least some mistakes and regrets. Who of us… especially when we are young and inexperienced… haven’t done something in the name of “it’s my life” and wound up hurting someone or regretting something.

In contrast, “A life well-lived” is a life that has made a difference in the ‘world’ and not just for our ‘self’. A life well-lived points to achievements that serve a higher purpose than ‘good old #1’.

Paul, In Acts 20 says it well (as he does a number of times in all of his writings):

But I do not count my life of any value to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from Jesus

Anyone who has ever been plugged into a greater cause or larger purpose than simply ‘self’ knows the truth of Paul’s phrase… and it’s power.

We truly live a ‘priceless life’ when we give it away in service to a greater purpose.

God has one for you.