Sin Quote

Here’s a great quote (from an unknown source):

“Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay”.

First… ‘sin’ is one of those words that has a lot of baggage… so, let’s look at it this way: ‘sin’ is any behavior we untertake in pursuit of self-gratification… that ends up also being self-destructive… or hurts others. Some of the ‘Christian classics’ have always been: alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.

Notice that these ‘classics’ don’t necessarily lead to self-destruction… but they have the potential to… as do many other activities (potentially any activity): shopping is fine… but being a shopaholic is sin; working is fine… but being a workaholic is sin; being self-concerned is fine… but being selfish is sin.

The quote above reveals one of the scariest truths in human experience (whether you’re a Christian or not): we can actually destroy ourselves, and others, by walking down a path that, in the beginning, was relatively safe, harmless, or fun.

Sadly, I think most of us have experienced this in some way… or have watched someone we love go through it.

Unfortunately, the wisdom of the Bible has often been criticized, or made fun of, as being stuffy, goodie-goodie, or ‘no fun’. But, for any of us who bear the scars of that trip with sin, we know the truth (Proverbs 4:14-15):

Do not enter the path of the wicked,
and do not walk in the way of evildoers.

Avoid it; do not go on it;
turn away from it and pass on.