Do you know the 10 Commandments?

Most of us…   ususally can only name something like five or six of them off the top of the head. The first one may be one of the ones that slip the mind, but it is certainly, by far, the most important ‘command’ of all time:

you shall have no other gods before me. (Deuteronomy 5:7)

Think about it…   our lives reflect what we love and find important and meaningful. If we are huge football fans we will know the stats of our favorite team, we will watch the games faithfully (possibly even wearing the jersey)…   we may even have an inflatable football player in our front lawn. Think about it…   our checkbooks reflect what we love and find important and meaningful. Vacations, new cars, fancy technology, education, charity, beer, and new shoes…   whatever it is (and more importantly, HOW MUCH of whatever it is) points to what we love and find important and meaningful…   what we ‘worship’.

This first command to put God first is a commitment to ordering our lives after the plan of the creator…   the plan we were made for and the world was made for. Without putting God first, we can have no way of knowing where we are supposed to go or what we are supposed to do. When you look around at our world…   there are a lot of folks around like that: don’t know where the heck they are going or what the heck they are doing…   just watch reality tv 🙂

None of us want to turn out like that! So maybe its time we find a way to set aside all those little gods we have in our lives…   and put the one true God first.