Neither shall you commit adultery (Deuteronomy 5:18)

OK…   so this is another one everyone seems to know. I think it’s pretty clear why adultery is one of the ‘commands’.

If we look around in our lives, we will quickly find folks who are both guilty of, and victims of, adultery. I don’t know what the stats are…   but they ain’t good. I’m sure there are some folks reading this right now whom have had ‘adultery’ affect their lives.

There are many reasons why adultery happens…   but the path to it is pretty much the same. No one (at least not many) wake up one day and say…   I am going to cheat on my wife or husband. Adultery occurs over time, a gradual ‘over-stepping’ of boundaries and rules…   being some place one shouldn’t, saying something one shouldn’t, doing something one shouldn’t. Doing that kind of stuff long enough eventually leads to ‘committing adultery’ that one shouldn’t.

God knows first hand how much humankind falls into ‘temptation’…   building good people requires building good boundaries, good discipline, and (maybe above all else) building good sense. Walking the path of Christian faith may not make someone immune to committing adultery…   but all the boundaries, discipline and good sense one would need is there.