Step by Step

“God does not respond to the ‘really quick, bottom line, right now, here I am’ method of devotion. It’s all about the relationship…   intimacy in any relationship is hard work. It’s an every day kind of discipline, and I must be willing to hang onto God, to work until a resolution and connection emerge. If I let go of God too soon, I am done!” (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life, p. 33)

How many of us are willing to stick with stuff day in and day out? How many of us have ‘sticktoitiveness’? When we look at ourselves and the people around us we can see pretty quickly how few of us have (or how infrequently we display) ‘devotion’.

We are products of our times…   products of our culture…   in which immediacy and convenience are the rules of the day. Anything that takes time, or requires hard work and sacrifice, is avoided like the plague.

Unfortunately, American Christianity these days has been criticized as being ‘a mile wide but only an inch deep’. We say we are Christian, say we believe in God, say we want greater faith…   but then we go on living our materialistic life of convenience and immediacy. And then we wonder why we can’t sense God’s presence.

Note to self (and others): we will never see, sense, or know God unless we begin taking consistent, committed, everyday steps towards God. Step by step devotion.