LIVE the Reality of Devotion

“Life is not about me but about me being a link in the chain of God’s generations. It’s not about my wants, my passions, or my needs, but it is about my commitment to God’s greater purpose and the coming of the Kingdom of  God”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.37)

There are no two ways about it…   God raises up revolutionaries. Jesus himself was a revolutionary. Now, I’m not talking hot-button politics, but lifestyle and worldview. The way of the world is to work hard, get ahead, build security and opportunity…   for what? Personal success. OK…   personal success is OK, but only as a secondary goal. The way of God is ‘love God, love neighbor’ and ‘sacrifice and follow’. Doesn’t sound too appealing does it? And it doesn’t help that we have a whole bunch of hypocritical churches and hypocritical church leaders telling us to ‘love God, love neighbor’, telling us to ‘sacrifice and follow’, while they go along perfectly content to get ahead for personal success (or worse, criminal or inappropriate activity).

Barnegat Anew (as a new church start) is committed to be a place where people LIVE the reality of devotion…   following God.

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