Don’t ‘Know’ Too Much

How do we recognize a miracle?

Many will say that we have to open our eyes and hearts to the world around us. Many will say we have to treat each day and each person preciously and not take them for granted. And these are absolutely true.

But, let’s look at it another way. If we are blind to miracles then, yes, we may need to ‘open’ our eyes and hearts in some way. But, maybe we’re blind to miracles because we have too much ‘junk’ blocking our view?

Think about it. Maybe we already think we are sure about who God is (and isn’t), what can be done (and can’t), what we deserve (or don’t), or what we are willing to believe (or not). Sometimes we think we know too much…   and it can blind us to things that are bigger than we can imagine.

Join us this morning at the Waretown UMC Campus 27 Bryant Rd at 11am…   and together let’s work on seeing some miracles in the world!