Are You Clever?

Who doesn’t want to be considered clever, smart, shrewd?

Often it is the ‘street-wise’ folks who get it… who make it to ‘shrewd status’. “Religious folks, for a generation or so, have been pegged as not-so-clever, not-so-wise, not-so-smart.

But there is a long tradition of honoring clever and shrewd behavior in the Christian Faith (Proverbs 13.16):

The clever do all things intelligently,
but the fool displays folly.

Even Jesus teaches about it… In Luke 16 Jesus tells a parable about ‘the dishonest manager’. In the parable, even though the manager is dishonest (he gives away his boss’s money to save his own skin), he is commended as being shrewd… clever. Jesus uses the story as a launch into a sobering assessment: ‘why is it always street-wise folks are clever, but those who are following God… not so much’… my translation 🙂

Jesus goes on to say that being ‘clever’ or ‘shrewd’ can be applied to the life of faith. In fact, he criticizes folks of faith for NOT being shrewd and clever. Basically, one who is clever and shrewd,
has a single-minded, calculated, and prioritized direction in life. People of ‘the world’ have such a direction: wealth, pleasure, power, security, etc. People of ‘faith’ seem to hold their ‘God priorities’ with less single-mindedness and calculation.

So, the question is… are you clever? And, in what way.