BASIC 2: Follow Jesus

Welcome to Week 2 as Waretown UMC continues our worship theme and study series based on Francis Chan’s ‘Basic.’ Here a short video introducing this Sunday’s theme ‘Follow Jesus’ and some of my reflections below.

Often, ‘church’ in our generation has taught us that the more we KNOW about the Jesus, our faith, and the Bible…   the closer we ARE in terms of following Jesus.

Not So!

Knowledge about God, Jesus, Faith, Love, and the Bible are all GREAT things…   but knowledge ABOUT the life of Christian faith is not the same as actually living the life of Christian faith. And the worst thing about it is that so many people who call themselves Christians think that they are ‘doing it right’ because they know a lot about Jesus…   but their lives don’t look like His life did.

Jesus said “Follow Me”. If we follow Him, our lives will begin to look like His life. Our priorities will be His priorities and therefore our actions will be in line with His actions.

Knowing everything there is to know about Jesus will not make our lives look any more like His. We must follow in daily action and practice.

Follow means follow.