BASIC 3 Holy Spirit

Welcome to Week 3 as Waretown UMC continues our worship theme and study series based on Francis Chan’s ‘Basic.’ Here a short video introducing this Sunday’s theme ‘Holy Spirit’ and some of my reflections below.

One thing is for certain when we look at the champions of the Christian faith in the Bible and throughout history: They put EVERYTHING on the line for God. They did not hold back. They did not let doubt keep them grounded. They did not let fear silence them. When they did this…   incredible things happened: they were healed and others were healed; they were empowered and others were empowered; evil and doubt and fear crumbled and fell when they came around.

Why? Because God promised someone very powerful would be with them as they lived and walked in faith: The Holy Spirit. Many times, we see irrelevant churches and lukewarm Christians because somewhere along the line they stopped walking in faith with the power of the Holy Spirit and instead started holding back, or became afflicted with doubt, fear, or even complacency.

The life of faith we all dream of…   filled with faith, hope, and love that inspires our hearts and changes the world around us…   is available NOW. But we won’t experience it unless we put EVERYTHING on the line and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit that God has given us.