BASIC: Fellowship & Teaching

Welcome to Week 4 as Waretown UMC continues our worship theme and study series based on Francis Chan’s ‘Basic.’ Here are two short videos introducing this-coming Sunday’s themes ‘Fellowship’ and ‘Teaching’ along with some of my reflections below.


Most of us like ‘alone time’ every once in awhile right? But, few of us want to go through life alone. Experts from biology, to sociology, to theology all claim that human beings are wired to ‘do life together’. It’s the way God made us and the way God planned for us to fulfill God’s plans and purposes for our lives here on Earth. Together, we are much stronger, much happier, much more courageous, much more fulfilled than we could ever be on our own. Think about your most joyful and cherished memories…   probably, they include friends and family…   ‘fellow’ travelers on the journey of life. So, the question is this: if we accept that life is better together…   why is it that so many people think that ‘faith’ is a private affair between them and their God alone?


As great as ‘fellowship’ is, and even though we were meant to ‘do life together’, sometimes we can get a little off track. We’ve heard the terms ‘mob mentality’ before, or the criticism of just ‘going along with the crowd’. It’s a real danger because when fellowship feels so right for our lives we can become a little vulnerable to being led astray because ‘everyone else is doing it’. That’s why God gave us the Scriptures (The Bible). It’s basically God’s Diary: how God feels, what God plans, how God wants to include people, and what God expects from people. When we make the Scriptures the guide for our lives individually, and our lives together, we stay on track, fulfill God’s plans, and are fulfilled by God’s love and grace and mission.