BASIC: Prayer

Welcome to Week 5 as Waretown UMC continues our worship theme and study series based on Francis Chan’s ‘Basic.’ Here a short video introducing this Sunday’s theme ‘Prayer’ and some of my reflections below.

OK, so it’s football season. And every once in awhile a football team…   in desperation…   will resort to a ‘Hail Mary’ pass right? We know what that means. The ‘Hail Mary’ prayer is one of the most well known prayers in the Catholic tradition. So, as you may guess, a ‘Hail Mary’ pass is a pass that is really just a longshot wish and prayer.

I mention this because it points to really how wrong we understand ‘prayer’ and ‘praying’. Sure, there are times when we need a miracle and we ask for God to deliver a longshot and get us out of a desperate situation. But, ‘prayer’ and ‘praying’ as a people of Christian faith means so much more than that. Far from an ‘ask’ or ‘request’ prayer is a daily commitment to aligning ourselves with the plan and purpose of God. It’s a gut-check, a rallying cheer, a promise, and a self-description all rolled into one. In prayer we say yes to living God’s way.