Be Prepared

Be prepared!

As Hurricane Earl approaches points along the eastern seaboard this is our advice… be prepared.
Intellectually, we know it’s good advice… but its hard to go out and pull all of that patio furniture inside. Its hard to worry about if those gutters are clear, or that our important papers are in a safe spot, or if that old tree in the backyard might fall on the house.

And should we really cancel the Labor Day weekend cookout?

All of this ‘worry’ and ‘preparation’… and what makes it harder is that it is so nice and clear and sunny and calm outside… surely it can’t get THAT bad THAT quickly.

Be prepared.

The wise words Jesus taught were similar: keep awake! He taught them especially relating to the life of faith. He would say that the plans and workings of God were not predictable… so we should always stay awake… even when it seems hard to do so… even when it seems unneccesary to do so.

Of course, I am not trying to equate a hurricane with God’s will… but the wisdom is still sound when the situations of life are unpredictable: stay awake! be prepared!

From Matthew’s Gospel (25:13)

Keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour

My hope and prayer for everyone is that we stay awake and prepared… yes, for the hurricane… but more so for what God will be doing in our lives.