Blue Christmas: Christmas Thought of the Day (15 of 25)

Tomorrow night at 7pm Waretown UMC will hold our annual Blue Christmas service. Let’s face it…   for some of us the Holiday Season this year is full of grief, worry, illness, loss, broken relationship, or any number of other personal tragedies.

When everyone and everything is supposed to be full of joy joy joy, we may be feeling ‘blue’ or even downright sad, angry, or depressed.

The world is unfaithful. Bad things happen to good people. We suffer what we don’t deserve. Evil is allowed to continue, or worse, succeed.

It’s tempting to shake our fist at God and ask why. It’s tempting to drop our faith and conclude that no good God could let this stuff happen.

But, when we look at the Christmas story we find Jesus born into all of the tragedies we all face as human beings. Jesus was poor and lived in a place where common folk were often abused and oppressed by the Romans who ruled over them. Jesus had a hard life with no real home, danger around every corner, and lies and backstabbers always close. He experienced grief and sorrow when his friend Lazarus died. Jesus was falsely imprisoned, tortured, and wrongfully executed.

Still, Jesus is called ‘the light of the world’. Jesus’ birth reminds us that ‘God with us’ means evil and tragedy will not prevail no matter how hard they strike us. Jesus wins! And because of that…   our victory is also assured.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
(John 1:5)