Are you busy?

I am. Too busy. In some ways being busy is a good thing…   it means we are getting things done. In some ways being busy is a bad thing…   it means we might not be able to do the things we really think are important. We all know the term ‘busy work’. It’s all that stuff we do that takes time and effort, but doesn’t really move us forward. Busy work is stuff like: cleaning the house, balancing the checkbook, driving the kids to soccer practice, and taking the dog to the groomer.

After getting all the busy work done…   usually…   we are so tapped out that we just watch TV, take a nap, go out to dinner. There’s got to me more to life than this! What about our greatest dreams and plans: starting that business, getting that degree, running a marathon, or…   well…   insert your dream HERE _______________.

When Jesus was invited into the home of two sisters (Mary and Martha). Immediately, Mary began the busy work of having such a house guest (probably not just Jesus but his whole crew) while Mary just hung out with Jesus. Martha, at wits end blurts out, “Jesus…   what’s up with this! I’m working while Mary just hangs…   tell her to get up and help me!” (my paraphrase). Jesus’ response (Luke 10:41-42):

you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part

We can be worried and distracted by the many tasks that make up our daily busyness …   so much so that we ignore the few things that are most needful (but don’t necessarily get the daily jobs done): love, prayer, time with God, time developing who we were meant to be, etc.

We are busy…   and that needs to change.