Can Christmas Still Change the World?: Give More

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


Loving God,

You give me yourself through your promises as the Almighty Creator of the world, through your Spirit present with me and guiding me, and through your Son, Jesus who came to share life now and life eternal with me. You give yourself fully, Oh God, and you call me to give myself fully as well. To you and to others. Not because I have to out of obligation or fear…   but because I want to out of faith, hope and love. This world has trained me to care more about myself than others, more about receiving than giving.  This week help me to focus on giving rather than receiving. Help me to give myself fully to you in prayer, thanksgiving, faithfulness, and service. Help me give myself fully to my family and friends and neighbors and even strangers. May my Christmas this year be defined by giving in love and care just as you gave to the world and to me

In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Read Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 & 1 John 3:16-18.

Week 3: Questions for Reflection


God gave us God’s self. God held nothing back. God’s very nature is defined by love. This love we, and the world, have received in Jesus. What would it look like if we ‘gave more’ of ourselves? Philosopher Dallas Willard says, “The first act of love is the giving of attention.” Simple acts of love we initiate towards loved ones can be the greatest gifts this season. Simple acts of love to a world where so many are in such great need can show the true meaning of Christmas to the world.


Where do we spend most of our attention during the Christmas Season? Parties and material gifts are nice…   but the people we party with, the people we get gifts for are the real treasures. How can we really show our loved ones a meaningful Christmas this year? (Hint: it’s not buying more stuff)



We work so hard to create the perfect festive spirit of Christmas, but chances are we are so busy and moving so quick we are missing the precious little moments meant to be shared together with loved ones. Chances are we are moving so quick we are missing the God-moments where God’s loving presence beckons us to celebrate Jesus. How can we slow down to be fully present to God and loved ones?



How can you bless someone this week? Give the gift of YOURSELF in some simple, meaningful way to 1) a loved one; 2) a stranger; AND 3) to God.