Can We Be Angry At God?

A lot of people have given up on faith because they are mad at God.

Many times, in talking with these folks, I find that it’s not BECAUSE people are mad at God that they give up on faith…   but rather, they think that being mad at God is unacceptable. And so, rather than have faith in God and be mad (two things they think can’t go together)…   they choose to give up on faith altogether.

Our ‘Fearless’ question this week is: Can I be angry with God?

One thing is for sure, if we stay angry and never move beyond it…   then we never have the opportunity to hope for a better future. In the Scripture we will be reflecting on this week (John 11:1-45) a woman confronts Jesus with anger and sadness after her brother dies. She does this because she (and her brother) were close friends of Jesus, and she knew that Jesus was a healer. Yet, Jesus did not come and heal her brother. Why wouldn’t he do that? (I’m not going to spoil the story…   so click the link and read it!).

A great mentor of mine, who is a chaplain at a hospital/trauma center, used to say all the time: “Being angry at God is an OK place to be…   but not an OK place to stay”. What he meant, I think, was that there are many instances of tragedy, suffering, and injustice in our lives that rightfully cause us to confront God with the question ‘WHY?’, but, at the same time, it is dangerous to let that anger and questioning choke off our hope and faith that there is a fundamental goodness and rightness in the world.