Celebrate the SPIRIT!

Nothing we do at Waretown UMC is accomplished through our efforts alone. God’s SPIRIT of POWER and LOVE is present and moving in our midst. When God’s Spirit and faithful people combine forces… GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

So… Get ready! This November we are planning a celebration! All year long the people of WARETOWN UMC volunteer time and financial resources, worship in faith, hope, and love, and strive to serve friends and neighbors in impactful ways.

In addition to a ‘Holy Spirit’ worship theme… all month long we will be recognizing great achievements, showcasing vital missions and ministries, and inviting even more of our people into the exciting work God has for us!

Part of this month-long celebration will be to hear testimonies from WUMC leaders as they describe the work of their teams here in the life of the church. We will also be charting our financial course forward. There are so many ways in which WUMC is growing and expanding and we want to celebrate every-one’s continued financial faithfulness.

We also plan to host a ‘Waretown UMC Mission & Ministry Fair’. One Sunday in November we will have ALL of our church missions and ministries available to answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to sign up with one that fits your passion and experience!

Finally, we will be hosting informal group sessions to learn more about all of our families, friends, and neighbors at WUMC. Maybe you have a certain skill or experience, maybe you like to do a certain kind of work, MAYBE you can be a blessing to this church or our community. We can help plug you in!