Change is NOT a Four-Letter Word

God is always on the move!

The Scriptures are one big grand story of God’s relationship with the people of the world…   and its a story of a courageous journey of growth and change among the faithful in each generation.

Anywhere and everywhere we turn to in the Scriptures we find the struggle between ‘staying close to home’ and ‘thriving in our comfort-zone’ on the one hand, and striking out on new adventures that threaten with risk but also promise growth and fulfillment on the other hand.

Maybe this is why we are ALWAYS reassured that, even though change is inevitable and sometimes scary and uncomfortable, God’s love and commitment to us, God’s character and ultimate mission for us, never changes:

Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

If we look at our own lives we usually find times of ‘change’ to be unnerving and disorienting at the time they are happening, but also the groundwork for great things tomorrow. Not necessarily better or worse…   but different…   and further along in God’s master-plan for our lives and the world.

We who are Waretown/Barnegat Anew are in the midst of such a time. This Sunday will be the last Sunday Pastor Derrick and his family will be worshipping and celebrating with us before they move on to Middletown UMC at the end of the month. After seven years of faithful mission and ministry at Waretown UMC, God has called them to a new and courageous journey!

So too has God called Waretown/Barnegat Anew to a new chapter of growth and change in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by starting new places of faith. Together we will welcome some new and exciting opportunities to be the ‘cornerstone’ of faith and friendship in our community.

For a God who is always on the move…   change is inevitable for those who follow. But, change is NOT a four-letter word. It holds the hope and promise for great things tomorrow that are unimaginable today, not better…   not worse…   but new and different…   and further along in God’s master-plan for our lives and the world.