Come and See for Yourself

Faith is not a spectator sport.

No one who sits in the stands can experience the fullness of the game. Watching a quarterback throw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl is NOT the same thing as throwing a pass for ourselves, or winning (or losing) a Super Bowl for ourselves.

No one who sits in the stands can grow in skill and practical understanding. Watching a baseball batter hit a fastball pitch does NOT make us any better at batting the ball or knowing what to do when we’ve hit it.

Faith is not a spectator sport.

In our Scripture for the week (John 20:1-10) we read that Peter and the Beloved Disciple race each other to Jesus’ empty tomb after Mary reports it is empty. If they had stayed in the stands…   watching…   waiting…   cheering…   booing, and never got down and ran the amazing race to the empty tomb, they would have never become champions of faith.

Many people are sitting in the stands today when it comes to the life of faith. They are waiting for some bolt of lightning out of the clear blue sky to fill them with the  experience, fullness, skill, and understanding that can only come from PARTICIPATION. They think, if I sit here long enough…   God will MAKE me believe.

The truth is God calls us to climb down out of the stands and  ‘come and see’ for ourselves.