Crazy Love. Fall Worship & Devotional Theme

Let’s face it… we often live our daily life at breakneck speed and packed with busy-ness. Its hard to find quality time for our friends and family. It’s hard to find quality time for ourselves. It’s hard to find quality time for God. But the core of our Christian faith is that God’s love for us is extravagant, unconditional, and relentless. Every day, all the time, God is present with us, guiding us, speaking to us, and wants us to live fulfilled lives. When we are busy and consumed with ourselves we can take for granted (or even miss completely) the greatest gift of our lives: God’s love.

‘Crazy Love’ is a weekly worship and devotional theme by the author and pastor Francis Chan. ‘Crazy Love’ is designed to refocus our daily awareness in the midst of our daily lives to-wards the love that the God of the universe has for each and every one of us.

Of course, love is not a one-way street. Once we experience God’s love for us in our daily lives we can begin to live our love for God in return. THIS is the Christian life! Living for God and being filled with faith, hope, and love. All of us have been beautifully and wonderfully made for a life-long, love-filled relationship with God!

Here is the Fall Series:

Sept 13: Pray Like You Mean it! Psalm 19:1-4. Sometimes our prayer life is just an afterthought… what would it be like if we really remembered our prayers connect us with the Living God and Creator of all things?

Sept 20: Living ‘All-In’ For God James 4:13-15 We have many priorities in life: self, family, work, etc. Often, God gets lost in the equations. What would it be like if our life was de-fined by our relationship with God FIRST and fore-most?

Sept 27: Limitless Love John 3:16-17 GOD really loves us… God REALLY loves us… God really LOVES us… God really loves US. What would it be like if our lives really re-flected this?

Oct 4: See You in Heaven? Matthew 13:44-45 We can’t buy or work our way into heaven the way we buy or work our way through life. Being ‘heaven-bound’ means living a specific life today RIGHT NOW!

Oct 11: Don’t Offer Left-overs Revelation 3:15-18 NEWS FLASH: We are not in control. We are not safe and secure. We cannot save ourselves. When we think we are and when we think we can, we devalue God and God’s promise of love and grace, protection and eternal life. What would it be like if we gave our very best to God in gratitude?

Oct 18: Love is the Only Law Galatians 6:13-16 Con-trary to what our consumer culture will tell us… being free DOESN’T mean being able to have or do more for ourselves. Being free means the joy and full life that comes from giving and serving others in love.

All of the worship themes at Waretown UMC aren’t meant just for Sunday morning, but also for weekly group faith discussion. The way we really grow and experience insight in our faith life is to get together with others and talk about it. EVERYONE should participate in one of these groups when-ever they are offered.

This Fall we will be using a DVD video and discussion. For those who really want to dig in… there is a book available for purchase. Here are the group discus-sion dates/times:

Sundays 9/13-10/18


Tuesdays 9/15-10/20

11:00am-12:00pm 7:30pm-8:30pm

Also, you can put to-gether your own group (3 or more) and deter-mine a place and time to meet each week (at the church or another place) and you can bor-row the DVD or even have Pastor Erik come and lead your group.