Dark Blots Are No Match For God

Everyone has some dark secret trouble or mistake from their past.

For most of us it keeps us ashamed, unsure of ourselves… and feeling very undeserved of God’s love and acceptance.

For most of us, we carry it around, unable to make peace with it, unable to let go of it. It just sits there and forces itself into our self image and self-identity.

This is a universal thing… we all have these dark blots on our lives… we are human and imperfect, and this leads to mistakes and regrets.

One of the things that has made the Christian faith so popular, powerful, and life-changing over the centuries is the acknowledgement and acceptance of these dark blots. From cover to cover the Bible tells us stories of men and women, kings, prophets, beggars and thieves who have faced God with their ‘dark blots’ and said, “forget it God… I am not good enough”.

And what does God do? Everytime? God takes that dark blot and makes something good out of it: The alcoholic or drug addict becomes clean and helps others do so, the thug or thief does prison time and then helps other young folks stay out of prision, the woman who suffered abuse becomes a counselor and helps other women in similar circumstances. The stories are numerous. And these can be our stories as well.

It happened to our hero Paul, in Acts 22 (verse 20) when he is giving an account of his life and faith:

And while the blood of your witness Stephen was shed, I myself was standing by, approving and keeping the coats of those who killed him.

If you read back in Acts 7… you will see Paul sat by while this innocent man was stoned to death… he even held the coats of those who did it! But, God was able to take that tragedy and make from it a champion of the faith.

God can do the same with you and me!