Discovering Your God-Given Life Purpose 1: Here & Now


1st Week of Lent

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)

 Creator God,

You formed this wonderful world and everything in it. From the beginning of time you set all things in motion according to your purpose, your love, and your eternal plans. Nothing and no one is by accident. Even when we stray from your path, get lost, and mess things up…   you make a way for us back into your arms and back onto your team. This week, show me where you have called me to serve and what you have called me to nurture. Be present with me in each moment and guide me one footstep at a time into the life’s purpose you have given me.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read Genesis Chapters 2&3

Week 1: Questions for Reflection

 If your daily life is the ‘garden’ in which God has placed you with the purpose of serving and nurturing. Spend some time exploring your ‘garden’:

What is the soil like in your garden? What word would you use to describe it? Fertile? Dry? Scorched? Overgrown? Worn out? How easy or difficult has it been to get things to grow in your life? How easy or difficult has it been to keep things alive?

What is the season like in your garden? What word would you use to describe it? Is it a season of growing up? Self-discovery? parenting? Career pursuits? Overcoming adversity? Grief? Retirement? As you look for God’s purpose in this season what kinds of things in your season become top priorities?

What dangers or ‘forbidden fruit’ lurk in your garden? We are all tempted to ‘overreach’ the gifts and opportunities God has set before us…   we always seem to want MORE. Name at least one thing that keeps tripping you up, distracts you, or otherwise leads you away from God and finding God’s gifts and purpose for your life.