Do Not Doubt… But Believe

Doubt and Believing are powerful forces in human life.

When we doubt, we fail. Think about the stories of sports heroes, military heroes, political heroes, celebrity heroes, and faith heroes…   most often, their stories include times of doubt and adversity that COULD have led to failure. But, instead, the ‘hero’ sucked it up and believed…   and was victorious.

Jesus gives this encouragement to his follower Thomas (when Thomas is doubting and unable to believe in Jesus resurrection): Do not doubt but believe. (John 20:27)

And this is the message of faith: do not doubt but believe. Wherever we are and whatever we do…   we are called to ‘move mountains’ (in our lives and the world) by believing the best and most miraculous rather doubting and failing to make a difference or live the difference in this world.

If we were to sit down and think about it right now…

…we could all identify places where we doubt and fail. Let’s open those places up to new life…