Don’t Talk… Do

One of the most valuable life lessons I have learned is this:

‘actions speak louder than words’

Most of us have heard these words of common wisdom… but do we realize how true they are? Or, how important?

We live in a time in which people are really good at ‘talkin’ it up’. Everyone seems pretty good at ‘talkin’ the talk’ and making themselves seem good and true and right. This kind of environment is tough for folks like me who really really believe what people say… folks like me who assume people are being honest and accurate.

The truth is… many are not. There are a few who are actively trying to deceive… but, by and large, those who are guilty of being ‘all talk and no action’ usually fail not because they are liars… but because they lack follow through… they just can’t seem to DO what they say they will or want or plan to do.

Jesus says in Luke 16:10

Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much.

Its a basic lesson… people will generally and consistently act a certain way regardless of what they SAY they have done, are doing, or will do. Faithful folks build a track record of acting faithfully… and gain trust. Dishonest folks build a track record of saying one thing and doing another… and destroy trust.

And then there are the majority of us… we want to do the faithful, right, and trustworthy thing, and we verbally commit to it… but by failing to see it through we let people down, including ourselves.

There is really no substitute for personal discipline when it comes to being the best we can be…

if we say it, promise it, or plan it… we should DO IT