Everyday Celebration

People are really into celebrating these days.

I’ve seen Halloween decorations up now for two weeks! And they are great! I remember, when I was a kid, the ONLY displays out there were Christmas ones. My whole family would pile into the car and go driving around looking for Christmas lights. We couldn’t even find any until after Thanksgiving! Now, there are holiday lights and celebrations straight through from late September until after New Years Day!

We all want to feel like we are part of a celebration. It feels good. It’s exciting. It’s fun. And there are specific things we celebrate during holidays: Halloween has, historically, had to do with the mixing of this world and the ‘afterworld’ in which spirits (both good and bad) could be interacted with in a special way. Thanksgiving has had to do with our American history and how God has provided for a new world and a new start with new friends and many blessings. Christmas, of course, has had to do with the birth of Jesus and the kindness and generosity of both God and humanity.

But, as Christians, we believe that everyday is worthy of celebration…   because every day is a gift from God and has the potential to be a ‘celebration’ of life and gifts and loves that we hold dear throughout the year (Psalm 118:24):

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Celebrating the holidays is good and fun (something some churches may frown upon or put conditions on)…   but let’s not forget the everyday celebration of life and family and hope and opportunity.