Everyday Devotion

“I have found that it takes me about 24 hours to lose a healthy fear [read: awesome respect] of God”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p. 29)

Life is busy and there are a lot of things competing for our attention. If we are not careful, we can lose sight of what is most important. Think about it, with soooo many things always ‘popping up’ for us to deal with, we can completely disregard the priorities we have set for our lives. I mean, who can focus on staying connected with God through prayer, Scripture reading, loving others, serving those in need, etc. when the kids are home sick from school and that work project is due tomorrow and the checkbook has to be balanced and the car needs to go in for repairs, etc.

At the heart of ‘devotion’ to God is the commitment to put God first in our lives…   to make sure God has a place in our everyday world…  and to identify God in and among our everyday living.

Most of us have things we are enthusiastic about: it may be a sports team, romantic novels, making money, politics, or any number of other things. Notice the time, brain-power and commitment we have to such things…   and then compare those with our daily relationship with God.

The truth of the matter is that whether or not our sports team wins the championship, or how much we enjoy that novel, or how much wealth we accumulate, or  whether our political party is elected to office…   we are still the same old people with the same old limitations. It takes devotion to a ‘higher power’ to lead us to higher levels of living.

It can’t be done once a year, once a month, or even once a week…   it must be an everyday devotion.