Excellent and Honorable

One of the foundational pieces of Momentum for Life is that God has a plan for our lives. God wants us to experience the best, most fulfilling life. God wants us to commit to a meaningful and excellent life. Mike Slaughter puts it this way: “Our whole life work , regardless of what we do, is to become an honorable and excellent offering to God”. (p.49)

All week long we have been talking about the dynamics and dysfunctions of being ‘stuck’. Such ‘momentum busters’ are a part of life that all of us have to face down. Now is the time to do it.

For Today: let’s pause for a moment to name a few key places in which we are not doing well…   places where we are ‘stuck’. Let’s take some time and write out a prayer to God asking for guidance and strength (maybe throwing in a little apology here and there and ask for forgiveness and a new start).