Faithful in Little… Faithful in Much

We all want to be successful… but few of us want to do the hard work to get there.

We have a rule for the kids at home: they can get paid 5$ if they complete 5 separate chores over the course of the week… but before they are allowed to work for pay, their rooms must be cleaned.

The rationale is that the kids will learn that we all must be responsible, proactive, and hardworking BEFORE we begin to recieve the rewards and fruits of our labor. It builds discipline, and work ethic.

Over the years I have met countless people who: wanted a good job… but didn’t think it was important to show up to work on time, wanted a deep, loving relationship… but didn’t think too far past their own selfish needs and wants, or wanted respect and consideration… but never took the time to be respectful or considerate of others.

Simply speaking… there is no shortcut to wealth, respect, success, or meaningful relationships… it takes hard work and consistency every small step of the way.

The same pricniples apply in the life of faith as well. In Luke 16:10 Jesus points to a simple truth:

Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much

The mark of someone truly faithful (or successful, or loving, or admirable) will be seen in the smallest things they do as well as largest.