Fitness IS Faith

“I am amazed at how it is almost impossible to find anything in popular Christian literature about the disciplines associated with eating and exercise”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.109)

When we think of ‘being a good Christian’ or acting ‘faithful’ and ‘religious’…   often we think of life after death, heaven and hell, and whether we are a good moral person or not. No one ever thinks about eating more fruits and vegetables. No one ever thinks about running a few miles or pumping some iron.

Sadly, if you look at church folks…   many of them are out of shape and overweight. Actually, when you look at our culture you will find many folks out of shape and overweight. Staying healthy and fit is a daily commitment…   not immediate or convenient (the priorities of our culture).

Staying healthy and fit as an expression of faith in God hardly ever crosses people’s minds…   but it should. After all, the God who created all things and gave each of us the gift of life (a set number of years and days to walk the face of the Earth) has a real interest in whether or not we are caring for our bodies, seeking good health, and striving to be active, positive, and energized as we live each day.

All week we will be focusing on eating and exercise. Hopefully, we will be opening new doors of insight and awareness as we include health and fitness as a core priority in the life of faith.