From Weeping to Joy

There is something incredible that happens in our lives when we move from doubt to faith.

The imagery of the death and then resurrection of Jesus portrays this well. When Jesus died all of his followers were lost and heartbroken. When Jesus died many did not believe (and many through the centuries have not believed). Sure, people can live a satisfactory life (even a good life) and never believe in the resurrection of Jesus or the love and power of God.

But, the burning question is how BETTER can life be lived moving from doubt to faith in God. And no…   I’m not talking about becoming some ‘holy-roller’ or the ‘moral police’. I’m talkin’ about looking at our lives, our purpose, even our death…   and trusting that God in Jesus is alive and promises LIFE to us.

It can change everything about the way we look at and live life…   even if it doesn’t change any particular circumstances.

In our Scripture reflection for the week (John 20:11-18) Mary moves from doubt to faith…   from weeping to joy and ‘going and telling’ the good news of Jesus resurrection, and it changed her life.

It can change ours too!