FUN FACTS: WUMC by the Numbers

If you have been around WUMC for the past few years you have definitely seen some growing and changing. For most of us we notice more people on Sunday, more Bible Studies, more groups, new faces, bigger projects, and more expansive ministries but we have no idea what the numbers and data say. Hold onto your hats as we take a whirlwind tour through some of our most exciting numbers!

If you can remember all the way back to 2010. We had one Traditional Worship celebration and one Contemporary Worship celebration averaging about 70 and 50 people respectively. Today, our worship attendance across three worship services (excluding summer) is about 75 people at each, or 225 (87% growth)

More of our friends and neighbors are actively and consistently participating in the life of the church. This means they are regu-larly involved in at least one church mission or min-istry over at least a quarter of the year. In 2010 we had about 200 people doing this. Today, we have about 325 (62% growth)

A church built on relationships knows that coming to worship is only a small part of the experience. Smaller groups of people building relationships with each other and gathering together for faith, fellowship, and/or service is the real life-blood of a vital church. In 2010 we had about 10 active small groups. Today, we have about 25 active small groups throughout the year (150% growth)

Everyone knows that with more exciting things going on, and more projects in the neighborhood, require more financial re-sources. In 2010 income received through the generous tithes and offerings (and fundraisers) of our people was about $124,000. In 2014, we received approximately $172,000 (39% growth).

Finally, since 2010 we have virtually quadrupled the number of people we have serving in at least one mission in our neighborhood and beyond. In 2010 we had about 25. Today, we have about 100.

God is certainly doing a great work here at WUMC! Imagine where we will be in another 5 years!