God Said “Yes Way”: Christmas Thought of the Day (10 of 25)

What is the perfect Christmas?

I’m sure we each have our own specific definitions for the ‘perfect” Christmas, but they probably all have the same basic components: joy, love, laughter, peace, enjoyment.

These are wonderful things. It’s pretty safe to say that God want these for us as well. The problem is in the HOW we go about securing them.

We want to make our worlds perfect for Christmas so that our experience matches up with these components. We do everything we can to ensure it…   and usually, in the process, we become exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed.


Because our worlds are really messy. We’ve all got mistakes, miss-steps, and imperfections in our lives and relationships. If we are honest, not only is it impossible for us to make everyone happy, joyous, loving, laughing, and peaceful…   we can’t even accomplish it for ourselves whether at Christmas or any other time in the calendar year.

Of course, in our cultural expectations for Christmas perfection, we may come up short and feeling bad. But, the REAL reason for the season should fill us with a sense of hope and well-being: God STILL chooses to come and be with us…   even in the mess.

As the story goes:

So they (the shepherds who learned from an angel that the Messiah was born) hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. (Luke 2:16)

God didn’t say “no way” because there was no room at the inn and the only place for the birth to happen was a stable yard. God didn’t say “no way” because Mary was a teenaged unwed mother with a fiancée who had already tried to ‘divorce’ her quietly.

God didn’t say “no way”. God said “Yes way”, and God still says “Yes way” for us no matter what we are facing this Christmas.