God’s Got What You Need: Opportunity

Did you feel any different when you woke up this morning (hopefully not with a hangover)?

Even though its a new year most of us really just feel the same ol’ same old.

Of course, and why wouldn’t we feel the same? Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean all the junk we’ve been dealing with has magically disappeared. We don’t really have a clean slate to work with (its not like God really hit the reset button on our lives and gave us a do-over)…   so why bother, we say.

Sadly, there are no do-overs…   but there is always another opportunity to do right the things we got wrong the last time. Becoming a new person in a new year is more like repairing the car while speeding down the highway…   than walking onto the car lot and choosing something new.

Barnegat Anew, along with Waretown UMC will be offering a series called Momentum for Lifebased upon the powerful book by United Methodist mega-church pastor Mike Slaughter.  In January and February we will be inspiring ourselves to be the best we can be in 2011 by practicing positive, healthy, Faith-centered principles. Join us each Sunday at 9am (Traditional Church Services) and 11am (Contemporary Celebration). We will also have group discussions on Thursdays 11am and 6pm. Come Join us at the Waretown UMC at 27 Bryant Road in Waretown.

Matthew 9, Mark 5, Mark 10, Luke 8, & Luke 17 all feature Jesus saying: “Your faith has made you well”. And even though it was God’s work that granted the healing of body and life in each of these cases…   the people had the courage to believe that they had another opportunity.

Let us do the same in 2011…   I want the truth for us to be: your faith has made you well.