God’s Got What You Need: Permission

We’ve all got sooo many priorities in life…   it’s hard to know what to do first. It’s hard to know what matters most. It’s hard to know where to direct our time and attention.

I get overwhelmed easily. When I am overwhelmed it seems like I can’t do anything right. It’s hard to prioritize what should be first, what matters most, and what deserves time and attention.

Sometimes what I need most is permission to focus without feeling torn in a million directions.

God gives us this permission in many places in the Bible. Here’s one (from Matthew 6:33):

strive first for the kingdom of God

That makes life a little simpler. The Kingdom of God is ‘loving God and loving others’ and expressing these loves through prayer, faith, charity, helping others, kindness, a peaceful outlook, and commitment to justice.

These things may not be ‘easy’ but they are simple.