God’s Got What You Need: Something New

When you read the stories of God’s work and plan through the whole Bible one thing stands out: God is ALWAYS doing something new. Whether telling one faithful family to build an ark because the whole world is going to flood (Noah in the Book of Genesis), or a wealthy and elderly Abraham to leave his homeland for the unknown of a new ‘Promised Land’ (Genesis). Whether it is calling on an angry and out-casted Moses to lead the Jewish people out of slavery from the Egyptian empire and giving them a new life and new law (Exodus), or placing a wildly faithful, but unpredictable young David on the throne of the Jewish Kingdom (1 & 2 Samuel). And then, in the coming of Jesus, God chose to give all of us a new chance to do things right…   a new chance at a new life that starts here and now, but goes to eternity.

With the ‘New Year’ coming in less than 24 hours…   let’s ‘go out on a limb’ and believe that God still works in new and exciting ways…   not just in the big world ‘out there’, but in the everyday of our lives in 2011 and beyond.

See, I am making all things new. (Revelation 21:5)