Happy Pirate’s Day!

Please observe a moment of silence today for the rememberance of 9/11. Nine years later and we (the whole world) need positive hope and community.

We invite you to come see Barnegat Anew today at Pirate’s Day!

Being a new church start means we LOVE to be out celebrating every community event… because we get to meet folks and talk to them about our mission… as well as hear some personal stories, and make some new friends.

We do other things as well… we love to play kid’s games, so we will have a beanbag toss in which you can knock the face off of a pirate. We also have about 500 balloon swords ready for some dueling fun!

Jesus’ good friend (and founder of the Christian church), Peter, said this:

Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you

The language is a little aggressive with words like ‘defense’ and ‘demand’… but the real message is this: always, in every way, be ready, willing, and able to communicate your sense of hope to another.This is a big reason why we like community events… because people get to see what we are all about. And, I would like to think, they can see hope in us… and experience hope themselves by building a relationship with us.

Oh… and if you really like us… we have a Preview Party on Sunday 9/12 from 6pm-8pm at the Barnegat Township Rec Center (900 West Bay Ave, Barnegat). There you can have a free pizza dinner, listen to live music by professional musicians, hear an inspiring message on personal spiritual development… and there is even a children’s program led by a certified teacher.

See you this weekend!