Healing Blindness: Jesus the Light of the World

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


God of truth and light,

All of creation shines with the light of your glory and creative power. Everywhere and all the time you are working things together for good. Everywhere and all the time you are inspiring people to come to you and receive their spiritual sight. Left on my own, I am blind to your truth, goodness, and presence. Left to the influences of the world around me I can become discouraged and doubtful. This week open my eyes that I may see your love and grace in all areas of my life. Heal me of the blindness that comes from living in a world that often rejects you. Heal me in such a way that I may be strengthened and inspired by your presence and truth. 

In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Read John Chapter 9

Week 5: Questions for Reflection


The signs and wonders performed by Jesus in John’s gospel are meant to communicate a truth for us to take in and believe. As you read the text and contemplate the questions below allow the mystery of God’s awesome love and power fill your heart and mind


This his healing story starts with a question about the relationship of sin to affliction. What does Jesus say about the ‘reason’ the man was born blind? Is that comforting to you? Why or why not?


In what ways do the people in the story respond to the miracle? The neighbors? The man’s family? The religious leaders? Would you characterize any of them as ‘spiritually blind’? who? Why or why not?


Often we react blind and closed-minded when we come face to face with what we don’t understand. Where in your spiritual life do you need God Jesus to give you light and sight?