Healing Now, Faith Forever

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


God of Grace & Healing,

All people have fallen short of your glory. Though we often profess to believe in you, in our deepest hearts we do not believe in you enough. Though we often count ourselves as good and right (or at least better than others) people of faith, in our deepest hearts we are not good enough. This leads to failures and mistakes, injustices and neglects that not only hurt us but hurt those we love and even those we don’t know at all. Taken together, the failings of all people have created a sick world. We know it should be better. We want it to be better. We are just no capable of healing ourselves much less the world we live in.  This week show me your awesome promise and power for healing. Fill me with your Spirit of life and create in me a clean heart. Put me to work extending your love and grace to others by my words and deeds so that the world begin to reflect your kingdom and glory more and more. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read John 4:46-54

Ash Wednesday: Questions for Reflection


The signs and wonders performed by Jesus in John’s gospel are meant to communicate a truth for us to take in and believe. As you read the text and contemplate the questions below allow the mystery of God’s awesome love and power fill your heart and mind


What are the details of this healing story? Who is asking for it and why? Who is receiving it? How does it happen? How long does it take? How does it impact everyone involved?


Healing miracles communicate powerful truths about Jesus. First, when we are in need of healing…  it shows how powerless we can be over our own health. Second, it shows how powerful God can be over the most difficult trials we face. Have you ever been sick and in need of healing? How did you feel? How did it impact your faith?


Sometimes people’s faith comes only when they see the results of a miracle (like a healing). But what is the most important part of the miracle, the act or the person who performs it? How are the miracle and miracle-worker related? Can we believe in Jesus even if we have never experienced his miracles?