Healing on the Sabbath: God is Working

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)

Lord God of All,

You have given me everything I need to live a blessed life. As the source of all healing you knit me together in body, mind, and spirit every time I am broken. You have given your love and grace for me to trust in, and you ask for my love and obedience in return.  This week show me that you indeed are the Lord of all things. That your love is never-ending and that your law is good and perfect. Help me to resist the temptation to treat obedience like a ritual. Help me see that it is not by obeying your law that I am loved and saved…   but rather, that obeying your law is my response of love and gratitude for who you are and how you’ve loved me

 In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read John 5:1-18

Week 2: Questions for Reflection


The signs and wonders performed by Jesus in John’s gospel are meant to communicate a truth for us to take in and believe. As you read the text and contemplate the questions below allow the mystery of God’s awesome love and power fill your heart and mind


What are the details of this healing story? Who is asking for it and why? Who is receiving it? How does it happen? How long does it take? How does it impact everyone involved?


Jesus’ miracles are not warmly received by all. In fact, they cause some people to reject him, hate him, and plot to kill him. How can this be? Who in this story sees Jesus’ grace in healing and then hates him? Why?


If we are honest, sometimes we settle for ‘doing the right things’ instead of having the right relationship with God. In some senses, it’s easier to go to church for an hour on Sunday than to stay closely connected to God daily throughout the week. Where have you been settling for ‘doing the right things’? How can you improve your relationship with God this week?