Healthy Celebrations: Christmas Thought of the Day (2 of 25)

When I was a kid I loved to eat the icing off cakes and cupcakes at birthday parties and other celebrations ( OK…   I still do 🙂 ). As an adult I still like icing just the same…   but I also know how unhealthy and unbalanced it is to fill myself on icing. There are far more enriching, nutritious and sustaining foods. Christmas these days can seem a lot like eating the icing while ignoring a far more nutritious and sustaining celebration of Christmas. Sure, the lights and songs and feasts and gifts and decorations are all super-sweet and exciting, but if that’s all we do this time of year its also very unhealthy and unbalanced.

For in Jesus you have been enriched in every way (1 Corinthians 1:5)

This is the time of year when we remember that God has always loved us and chose to enrich us with His sustaining presence. Because Jesus was born into the world…   we were given the gift of health and new life.