Holy What?

Its too bad that the word ‘holy’ has got so much bad baggage in our culture today.

We think of ‘holier-than-thou’, ‘holy-roller’, or even the colorful expletive ‘holy *#@!’

But, the real meaning of ‘Holy’ as it is used in the Scriptures is to be “set apart by and for God” when relating to people, or to be “derived from, existing in, or belonging to God” when relating to everything else…

…   then there is the Holy Spirit…   who is in a class by itself. Truly, we learn that the Holy Spirit IS God working in and through the world as well as in and through people of faith.

Most of us have no problem embracing ideas like life-energy, fate, destiny, spirits, karma, and miraculous powers achieved by discipline and meditation. Most of us have no problem embracing some sort of real life version of the ultimate pop-culture spirituality of our time…   The Force…   in Star Wars.

Well, the Holy Spirit is all of these things and more! If you prefer (like if the baggage gets you) you can call it God’s Spirit. And this Spirit IS a life force, and DOES participate in our purpose (fate and destiny), and CONNECTS us to God and each other spiritually, and ACTS in and through our acts to bring God’s will and love into the world.

And the beauty of God’s Spirit is that we can go out RIGHT NOW and do wondrous things as partners with God’s Spirit. The Scriptures teach that when we confess our faith in Jesus and commit to following him…   we receive the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

If you are ready for that step…   please contact us at Waretown Barnegat/Anew, we would love to help you get started! erik@barnegatanew.org

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