I don’t Know… If I Only Knew!

How many of us wish we knew what was coming?

I mean…   think about it, we could be ready for it, plan, prepare. IF WE ONLY KNEW what would happen next…   we would be able to get it all together.

Such hopes are common, and its common to bring them into the life of faith. We can get to thinking that if we are really really good, or really really faithful, that God will tip us off to what’s coming next: what lottery ticket to buy, what opportunity to take, whether to get married or not, which new job would be better, what to study in college, etc. The truth is…   we don’t know what will happen, and God LIKES it that way!

No, God doesn’t like it that way because God likes to see us sweat, make mistakes, or suffer the decision-making process. God likes it this way because it was never about KNOWING…   its about being prepared.

Think about it, ‘if we only knew’ we would focus on the incident or opportunity to come exclusively. We would NOT be well-rounded, completely developed and matured, or ‘ready for anything’. If you like baseball then maybe this analogy will help. There are a lot of ‘home run heroes’ who can really slug that ball out of the park. Many of them spend ALOT of training and preparation time perfecting that one skill…   and it shows. They can hit home runs but can do little else. Then there are those quintessential ‘ball players’ that can run, field, hit, etc.

God doesn’t want us to focus on the home run (knowing and dealing with the specifics of what will happen next), God wants us to ‘play the field’ and develop our faith and life so we are prepared for ANTYTHING.

If we read Matthew 24 we will read the about the importance of being prepared, being watchful, and being awake in the face of the unknown.