I Don’t Know… Who’s In Or Out?

The church is full of hypocrites right?

Yes…   but so is the rest of the world.

In Matthew 23 Jesus is arguing against the religious leaders of his day (the leaders of the church). His basic complaint is that they teach and expect faithfulness…   but they are not faithful themselves. WOW, that’s harsh.

Many of us are NOT connected with a church because we have experienced these hypocrites for ourselves. But, the tough question for all of us is this: how hypocritical are we?

There is a quote that someone attributed to the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar (I don’t know if its authenitc or not, but the quote is good): “Some people cry out that they will NEVER be a part of the church because it is full of hypocrites, and I reply to them: come on, there’s room for one more”.

Yes, inside or outside the church, we are ALL often caught saying what we do not do, and doing what we do not say. So, when it comes to the question: who is in or out? (regarding the church, heaven, etc.) we all have to take a moment of pause: Today’s hypocrite can be tomorrow’s champion, and today’s champion can be tomorrow’s hypocrite.

I think God knows this about us…   and loves us just the same. Sure, it was hypocrites that killed Jesus on the cross (the religious leaders)…   but it was also hypocrites that stuck by Jesus and spread his Good News (his followers).

Are we in any position to judge others as to which way they will go?

We can only choose for ourselves.