I Was Blind But Now I See

This week our ‘Fearless’ question is: Does God still do miracles?

There are many stories of Jesus healing people during his life and ministry. Many times he meets people who are sick and he makes them well, , he meets people in the grips of some evil and makes them free, he meets people who are blind and makes them see. Notice, I don’t use the normal phrases and ideas that I normally like to use about God’s work in our lives: empowering us to become well or giving us the opportunity to be free. You see, most times, I think, God encourages us to live and strive into greater living…   but let’s US do all the work. But, sometimes God does something truly amazing in our lives that we really had nothing to do with…   God ‘makes’ something happen…   a miracle.

The Scripture passage we will be reflecting on this week is John 9:1-41. It is a story of a blind man who is restored by Jesus. His sight was a great gift…   his sight was a miracle that he didn’t have to ‘do’ anything to earn.

Has something like that ever happened in your life?

If it has…   you might relate well to the troubles this ‘blind man’ endures after his sight is restored. To make a long story short (and if you want to read the story you can find it in John 9:1-41) he is grilled by the religious leaders who already have an axe to grind against Jesus. They ask him all kinds of questions about Jesus and make it clear that they think Jesus is a trouble-maker and sinner. But, the man’s response is a simple and straightforward rejection of their accusations:

I do not know whether he is a sinner. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see. (John 9:25)

We face a similar ‘grilling’ in our world today. If we feel like a miracle has happened in our lives, it is hard to tell people about it because many folks in our culture ‘accuse’ miracles of being fake, fantasy, or wishful thinking. Or, we ourselves may doubt the reality of miracles and choose to explain away truly remarkable events in our lives…   explain God right out of the equation.

Does God still do miracles? You Bet! Do we acknowledge them? Do we embrace them? Do we feel confident enough to proclaim them? Not really. Maybe WE would benefit from thinking about miracles the way the blind man did:

I don’t know all the details…   but I DO know something miraculous happened.