Important Notice: 11:30 Contemporary Worship Celebration Permanently Closed

Greetings Church!

One of the things that is most exciting about Waretown UMC is our willingness to step out in faith, try new things, and cast bold visions of hope and Christian love for the future. Jesus never said faithfulness would be an easy road nor did he say we would always be perfect drivers on that road. We live, learn, grow, and improve every day as people of God called to be a neighborhood church.

It has been almost exactly one year since we expanded our contemporary worship celebration from one service (at 11am) to two services (at 10:15 & 11:30). We have seen a modest increase in our attendance on Sunday morning as a result (approximately 30-40 additional people), and we have expanded our capacity to invite even more friends and neighbors to Sunday morning church. As promised, our plan has been to evaluate the expansion at the one year mark and adjust our worship schedule going forward as needed. After studying attendance numbers, asking for feedback from WUMC people, and discussions with worship leaders…

Here are the results:

The pace and length of two back to back contemporary services has been a little too much for our worship band to maintain comfortably

The quest to build a contemporary worship greeting/hospitality team has been made more complicated and the number of people and time needed has been doubled

The 10:15 time proved to be way more convenient and desirable for many of our people causing significant attendance increase there and significant attendance decrease at 11:30

The decrease at 11:30 is expected to continue especially as we approach summer

So, effective immediately, Waretown UMC is discontinuing the 11:30 Contemporary Worship Celebration.

You can be sure there are more new and exciting worship, mission, and ministry innovations on the way! Look for some of them to be rolled out over the summer and for the program year 2016-2017 beginning in September!

Keep the Faith!