Investing In Key Relationships

“We miss out on life and meaning if we are not making relationships a priority on any given day”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.70)

We are all well aware of the stories of super-rich-successful-famous-glamorous individuals whose personal relationships are all but fallen apart despite their achievements. From high-powered corporate executives to hourly employees scratching out a living at the bottom of the company ladder everyone is encourages to put ‘the job’ first…   and family (or other relationships second).

Is it any wonder that we have a divorce rate hovering around 50%? Is it any wonder that when we sacrifice relationships for raises and promotions the lives we thought would be soooo good actually stink because we have no one to share the joy of our achievements with? Is it any wonder that, even in SPIRITUAL matters, we think we can ‘go it alone’ but wind up with little progress and a lot of frustration because we lack a good support structure of relationships?

God created us to have fullness in relationship together. Intimate realtionships with spouses, close relationships with family and friends, meaningful and powerful relationships with colleagues, fellow Christians, and others. Simply put, without solid relationships…   we cannot reach the fullness of life that God has planned for us.

Mike Slaughter makes a keen and appropriate observation: it is easier for us to focus on ‘the job’, ‘the career’, ‘the self’, ‘the task’ rather than our loved ones or other community members BECAUSE jobs, careers, self, and tasks don’t talk back…   they don’t voice needs and make demands on our lives and choices. Because this is so…   so many of us choose ‘the easy way’ of dealing in these one-sided areas of life rather than on the two-sided nature of true relationships.

As we take up our (I): Investing in key realtionships…   I encourage all of us to identify the realtionships in our lives and how we can develop and improve them in order to be all we can be in our live of faith and beyond.